Kathryn E. Ackerman, MD, MPH, FACSM is board certified in internal medicine, sports medicine, and endocrinology. She is the medical director of the Female Athlete Program in the Division of Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Associate Director of the Sports Endocrine Research Lab in the Neuroendocrine Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Ackerman is a former USA national team lightweight rower and currently is a team physician for USA rowing. An Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Ackerman’s clinical and research interests involve the merging disciplines of sports medicine and endocrinology. She has presented nationally and internationally on Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), Female Athlete Triad, Diabetes and Exercise, Transgender Athletes, and Metabolic Bone Issues in Athletes. She is the course director for the International Female Athlete Conference held biennially in Boston, MA, USA and is a member of the IOC’s Female Athlete and RED-S working groups.