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18 April

Dinner – Hilton Budapest – Dominican Courtyard

The Welcome Dinner scheduled on April 18, 2021, will be the perfect occasion to network and meet the other participants. The dinner will take place at the hotel Hilton Budapest. Blending centuries of heritage with modern design, this hotel offers an unforgettable experience. Nestled between impressive neo-Romanesque and Gothic architecture, this contemporary hotel lies in the heart of the historic Royal Castle District, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Dominican Courtyard is a unique venue on the hotel’s premises – also part of the World Heritage. Surrounded by medieval ruins from the 13th century. Lit up by candles and torches at night this unique venue makes you feel the atmosphere of bygone ages and is guaranteed to wow everybody.

Through superb architectural planning, the preserved remains of a 13th century Dominican cloister  and monastery have been incorporated into the contemporary structure of the hotel.

The churchyard and the cloister are unique open-air venues for banquets, receptions.

This will be a great opportunity to celebrate the beginning of the Course.

19 April

Dinner – Vigado – Music Hall

Vigadó (literally translated as “Funhouse”) was designed by Frigyes Feszl and was opened in 1865. It was the most important concert hall of the 19th century. Among others, Franz Liszt, Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms and Claude Debussy gave numerous successful concerts here.

The venue hosted many exhibitions by contemporary artists as well as concerts by world-famous performers. Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi conducted the Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra here as well.

The main auditorium of the VigadĂł would now shine in its original beauty had the frescos and sculptures been restorable. The main staircase, the lobby and the music room have been fully restored to their former grandeur. This jewel of the Danube bank was also provided with new spaces: a lecture and an exhibition hall on the fifth floor and a terrace on the sixth floor with a magnificent view of Buda.

20 April

Dinner – Gundel Restaurant

The Gundel Restaurant became a symbol of culinary art and refined hospitality during the past hundred years – it has always been a synonym for elegance. The restaurant was founded in 1894, in the beautiful City Park of Pest, and it soon became the gathering place of artists, writers, and actors. In those days, celebrities as the King of Siam, Thomas Mann, Charlie Chaplin and Richard Strauss had their own steady tables.

In creating the new menu for the 125-year-old restaurant, Chef Litauszki’s goal was to retain the traditional offerings while also keeping up with twenty-first century trends. Since the beginning, the menu has featured customer favorites, such as the classic goose liver and Gundel crepe, and international guests’ most-requested goulash soup and fisherman’s soup. You can still find all of these among the menu offerings as well as other classic dishes from the past.

Chef Litauszki’s cuisine is characterized by freshness and seasonality, the reason for which he frequently updates the menu. He is also an advocate for using local ingredients from within Hungary, adding such specialties to the menu as goat cheese from Örség, mangalitza, quail, and goose liver from Orosháza.